Reasons and countermeasures for the dialog "You have reached a limitation with DaVinci Resolve"


When I try to use certain effects or certain features like speed warp, I get a dialog saying "You have reached a limitation with DaVinci Resolve". Please tell me the reason and countermeasure.


If you are using the free version, it will be displayed when you select the function of the paid version.

this dialog If you close it with (meaning not to buy yet), you can use the function, but the logo "DAVINCI RESOLVE STANDARD" will be displayed large on the clip that uses the function.

The logo is displayed, but I think you can fully confirm what kind of function it is. If you need to check the function and use the function, please use the paid version.

If you save the file with the logo and open it in the paid version environment, the logo will not be displayed. If you also have a paid version, you may want to use the paid version and the free version well.

Also, when selecting an effect etc. on the edit page, if you move the mouse over the effect item, a preview of the effect will be displayed, but at that timing the dialog "You have reached a limitation with DaVinci Resolve" will be displayed frequently. I think it will. If you find this display troublesome, you can avoid it by disabling the preview display function by matching the mouse cursor.

Select "..." in the upper right of "Effect", select "Hover Scrub View", and uncheck it.

However, since the preview is not displayed, it may be difficult to use.

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