Why "Warning: Unknown tool found" is displayed and what to do about it


When I hover over certain Fusion effects, I get a "Warning: Unknown tool found" dialog at the same time as the "You have reached a limitation with DaVinci Resolve" dialog. I understand that "Warning: Unknown tool found" and "You have reached a limitation with DaVinci Resolve" means that you have selected something with usage restrictions due to using the free version.


It is displayed because the function used by the corresponding effect cannot be found within DaVinci Resolve.

We have confirmed that the following operations are displayed in the free version, and there is no problem even if the same effect is selected in the paid version.

Color Page: Hover over "CCTV" in "Fusion Effects" under "Effects"

Edit page: Move the cursor to "CCTV" in "Effects" from "Toolbox" in "Effecs"

If you don't want to use this effect, you can safely close the dialog and ignore it.

When I checked with the free version of version 17.4.3, I found that it was displayed again even if I checked "Do not show this again". (It does not change even if you restart after checking)

Normally, even if the use is restricted in the free version, the logo should be displayed and you should be able to check it, but if this error occurs, the function cannot be used completely, so you can not check it.

Therefore, currently, the only way to check this function is to use the paid version.

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