Reasons and countermeasures for not using the color eyedropper with text + (text +) etc.


You cannot use the color eyedropper such as text + (text+). Please tell me the reason and countermeasure.


In the Windows version, it is a specification that the color dropper that can be used for color selection such as text + (text +) cannot be used. (Displayed, but not available.)

The equivalent is possible with:

Simple method

You can easily respond by using the eyedropper on the OS color palette, which is displayed when you select the palette between color and the eyedropper icon.

On Windows, select "Pick Screen Color". You can do the same thing on mac by selecting the eyedropper from the same menu.

However, this method obtains color information based on the OS standard, so it may not be possible to obtain accurate colors. To get the exact color, you need to use the following Fusion method.

Method using Fusion (acquiring more correct color information)

Let's say you have a "text+" clip like this:
In the example, we will try to get the text color of "color of tie" from the tie. If the color tone of the clip from which the color is to be acquired has been changed, right-click the clip from which the color is to be acquired in advance on the timeline and select "New Compound Clip". and change it to a compound clip and do the following: If you select "New compound clip", the one with the changed color tone will be registered in the media pool.

Right-click on the text+clip and select Open in "Fusion Page"

It should look like this.

Drag and drop the material (footage) to acquire from the media pool to the note editor.
If you're tinkering, drag and drop the compound clip you created earlier from his media pool into the note editor.

Nodes are added like this.

If you only have one preview, select the "Viewer" icon on the top right of the preview to make it two.

Select the circles under the nodes to show the text+ and materials in their respective views.

Play according to the situation and match the scene you want to acquire the color, and use the eyedropper to acquire the color.

Even if you return to the edit page or cut page, the colors are reflected without any problems.
If you were using a compound clip, you can safely remove it at this point. To cancel, right-click on the secondary yellow clip on the timeline and select "Expand here".

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