What to do when audio and video are out of sync


Time is displayed with a red label on the timeline. The video and audio are out of sync, how do I fix it? Shown in Edit and Fairlight.


This indicates that there is a deviation from the image.

On the edit page, you can right click on the red part and move it to the sync position or slip it to fix it. As soon as you modify it, the video and audio are linked.

In addition, the displayed value indicates how many seconds and how many frames are shifted from the linked one.

right click on the red part

  • Slip to sync position
  • Move to sync position
  • Slip other into sync position
  • Move other to sync position

You can move it to the appropriate position by selecting from .

  • Slip: Synchronize by shifting the range used on the timeline without shifting the position on the timeline.
  • Move: Synchronize by moving on the timeline without shifting the range to be used on the timeline.
  • "Other": If you select the red part on the video side, the audio side will be changed. If you select the red part on the audio side, the video side will be changed.

The main reasons for this deviation are as follows, but there may be other patterns as well.

  • Only the video or audio was moved while the clip icon "link selection" above the timeline was disabled.
  • You moved the audio and video independently by holding Alt(Option) and selecting the clip.
  • A locked video or audio track has been moved due to deletion elsewhere in the unlocked track
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