How to add mosaics that are displayed at different times to one clip that has mosaics already set on the color page


Please tell me how to add a mosaic that starts from the middle of one clip and how to apply a mosaic to multiple clips for clips that have already set the effect (blur mosaic) on the color page.


How to add a mosaic that starts in the middle of one clip

First, add a node to add and apply a mosaic, and set the normal mosaic settings. At this rate, the entire clip will be mosaicked, so use keyframes to add mosaicking from the middle.

How to mosaic with multiple clips

View the clip on the color page, select the clip and apply the normal mosaic.

Also, if you want to apply mosaic to the same place on multiple clips, select the original clip on the color page and select "Ctrl + C", select the clip to be applied and press "Ctrl + V" to color You can copy the information of the set node.

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