When I start DaVinci Resolve, I get a dialog called Intel Hardware Acceleration


A dialog titled Intel Hardware Acceleration will appear when DaVinci Resolve starts. Please tell me the reason and appropriate response.

The contents are as follows.

Intel hardware accelerated decode and encode have been disabled as the current Intel graphics driver is not compatible with DaVinci Resolve. Please update your drivers to enable this feature.


It is displayed because the Intel GPU driver in use does not support operation with DaVinci Resolve. For this reason, decoding and encoding using Intel's hardware accelerator "Intel QuickSync" is disabled on DaVinci Resolve.

Also, even if this is a PC environment that does not use Intel's GPU with other graphics card (GPU) such as NVIDIA, if Intel's GPU is installed and it can be recognized by DaVinci Resolve is displayed.

From DaVinci Resolve version 17.4, even if you are using the free version on Windows, H.265 can now be encoded with a hardware accelerator.

If you are using the free version in a Windows environment and are considering encoding with H.265, we recommend that you make the settings described in "Compatibility" below.
Note that the free version for Windows does not support H.264 hardware encoding. Even if you set up a driver that supports operation with DaVinci Resolve by implementing the correspondence described later, there is nothing to be gained in particular, so I think you do not have to worry about it.


Environment using Intel GPU

Update your Intel graphics driver.

For PCs made by manufacturers such as notebook PCs, obtain the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website and install them.

If you are building your own PC, obtain the latest driver from the motherboard manufacturer or Intel website and install it.

In addition, there are cases where the "Intel QuickSync" function is disabled in the BIOS on manufacturer's PCs, etc., or there are cases where the "Intel QuickSync" item itself does not exist on the BIOS and it cannot be changed from the OFF state.

When using other GPUs and not using Intel GPUs

In [DaVinci Resolve]-[Preferences], uncheck "Auto" in "GPU configuration", "Auto" in "GPU selection", and uncheck Intel GPU.

If that doesn't help, try updating your Intel graphics driver or disabling the Intel GPU in BIOS or Device Manager.

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