Rendering with 'individual clips' why the number of files created is less than the number of clips


I chose "Custom" in the render settings on the deliver page and chose "individual clips" to render.
However, the number of files created may be less than the number of clips. Select "Individual Clip" and render to reproduce. what is the reason?


This is a problem caused by the setting of the file naming convention and the processing on DaVinci Resolve when the same name is used.
"Individual Clip" creates a file for each clip, but depending on the settings, multiple clips may have the same file name, in which case the files rendered later will overwrite them.

Naming conventions can be set by selecting File.

By default, it is as above, and a file is created with the "number of source frames" added to the set "name (file name)".
In the reference manual, the "number of source frames" is described as "the number equal to the number of frames in each clip". Contains the code (TC) value. (Probably a bug?)

As mentioned earlier, if the name is the same as a result of following the naming convention, the previous file will be deleted, so this problem will occur.

As a workaround, enable "Use unique file names".

As a result, the file name will include the name of the track on the timeline where the clip was located and the number of the clip on the track. Also, select whether the additional name "unique name" should be the front "prefix" or the back "suffix" of the file name.

For example, if the setting file name is "dream" and the 9th clip of the track "V3", the name will be "V3-0009_draeam" or "dream_V3-0009".

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