How to continue using the created DaVinci Resolve startup shortcut even after version upgrade


When DaVinci Resolve is upgraded or reinstalled, the DaVinci Resolve shortcut icon pinned to the taskbar becomes unavailable and must be recreated each time.
Are there any good countermeasures? I am using it in a Windows environment.

After updating, when I launch a shortcut that was pinned to the taskbar, I
open this item
This item may have been degraded, renamed, or deleted.
Delete item? A dialog is displayed and it cannot be started.


Why does the problem occur?

As a behavior of the installer of DaVinci Resolve, if the old version is already installed, it is processed in the order of "uninstall the old version → install the new version".
It is not the behavior of "overwriting modified files and adding additional programs to older versions" that is common in other software.
Shortcuts created by the user after installation (pinned to the taskbar, etc.) will be in a state where there is no reference destination at the time of uninstallation.
At this point, the operating system's shortcut management function treats the shortcut as an invalid shortcut with no reference. For this reason, it is necessary to recreate shortcuts each time the version is upgraded.


I think there are several ways to deal with it, but for ease of setting, I will explain how to use BAT, which contains the command to start DaVinci Resolve, instead of the shortcut icon.
Place the created shortcut in the same location as Pin to taskbar. However, since it is not a shortcut for DaVinci Resolve's original program, when you start it, a DaVinci Resolve icon will be added to the taskbar.

First, right-click the existing DaVinci Resolve shortcut icon and select "Properties"

Copy the path given in the link

Open Notepad and type start ”” followed by paste what you copied.

Specify an arbitrary folder, add ".bat" to the file name you want to use in the file name, and <Save>
Example: DaVinciResolve_startup.bat

Confirm that DaVinci Resolve starts by double-clicking the saved ".bat" file.

Here's how to add it to your taskbar.

The created ".bat" file has a limitation that cannot be pinned to the taskbar as it is, so the following method is implemented.

Right click on the created ".bat" file

Windows11: Select "Show more options" and select "Create
shortcut" Windows10:

A shortcut is created.

Although it is not necessary, correct the name of the shortcut here.
Example: DaVinciResolve_for launch

Right-click the shortcut and select Properties

Add "cmd.exe /c" before the path mentioned in the link.

Don't forget to put spaces before and after /C.

Double-click the shortcut and make sure it starts.
If there is no problem, then just pin it to the taskbar.

Right-click the shortcut
Windows 11: Select "Show more options" and select "Pin to taskbar"
Windows 10: Select "Pin to taskbar"

It will be added to your taskbar like this:

From now on, even if you upgrade or reinstall, you can start it from this taskbar icon.

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