Differences and notes on linking clips, compound clips, fusion clips, and VFX connect clips


Please tell me when to use Link Clips, Compound Clips, Fusion Clips, and VFX Connect Clips.


All of these functions are used when doing something together. Each has its own characteristics.

It is used when working collectively without changing the display on the timeline, such as moving clips together with linked Selecting one of the linked clips will select all linked clips.

Compound clip
A function that uses multiple clips as a single clip.

It is possible to combine still images, videos, and sounds
for use on the cut and edit pages It is also possible to put the combined clip on another clip, expand it, and change it individually. Right-click the compound clip on the timeline on the edit page and expand it with "Expand here".

Fusion Clips
Ability to create media for editing in Fusion by bundling multiple clips together for editing on the Fusion page.
You can combine still images and videos.
Audio cannot be combined. However, since it is intended for editing in Fusion, it cannot be expanded.
(Isn't it because if it can be expanded, it will become more complicated and have more restrictions?)

VFX Connect Clips
and update them to those edited with external software.
(If I can confirm the details, I will add it.)

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