Is it possible to measure the loudness of the entire video?


Can DaVinci Resolve measure loudness? Even if the loudness measurement of the entire video is performed, the value will not be appropriate.


Loudness can be measured using "Analyze Audio Levels" on the Fairlight page.
However, this command cannot be used to select multiple audio clips for evaluation.
Therefore, to measure overall loudness, use Bounce Mix to Track to combine the audio into a single clip before measuring.
You can select multiple clips and run "Analyze Audio Level", but only one clip that is located later in time on a track with a higher track number will be reflected in the measurement results. steps are required.


Select [Timeline]-[Bounce Mix to Track] on the Fairlight page

Select "New Track" in "Destination Track"<OK>

Processing proceeds.

Once the bounce process is complete, a new track will be added and the new audio clip will appear.

Right-click the new audio clip and select Analyze Audio Levels

You don't have to worry about "loudness criteria". Select <Analyze> as is

You can get the result like this.


Loudness information was obtained by the method described in the procedure, but there is one caveat.

If you render as is, both the audio information created by [Bounce Mix to Track] and the original audio information will be used.

Mute or delete the track created by [Bounce Mix to Track] before rendering.

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