Dual screen functionality may not be available


Even if I select dual screen, I can only see from one display.
Also, [Workspace]-[Dual Screen]-[On] is grayed out. Is there any solution?


What page did you check it on?
I think it was probably confirmed on the cut page. Dual screen is not a valid feature on all pages.
Some pages are not supported.
Supported: Media, Edit, Fusion, Color, Fairlight
Not supported: Cut, Deliver

On unsupported pages, even if you move the mouse cursor to [Workspace]-[Dual Screen]-[On], it will be dimmed (blank) and cannot be selected.

When you move the mouse cursor to [Workspace]-[Dual Screen]-[On] on the corresponding page, it will be clearly displayed and you can select it.

When using it, you need to select this "on" so that a check is displayed next to "on".

Also, set which display to display in [Workspace] - [Primary display] and [Secondary display].

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