Tuition Free DaVinci Resolve Learning Course

Lancers and Blackmagic Design have teamed up to offer free online training on DaVinci Resolve.
Member registration with Lancers is required, but anyone can apply. Application deadline is 2021/12/24.


While acquiring the basic skills of "DaVinci Resolve", you can learn the know-how to pass the Blackmagic Design certified user certification.

In this training, not only the edit page, but also color, fusion, and fairlight will be explained, so I think it's a good opportunity to understand DaVinci Resolve in general.


1/17 (Mon.) 16:00~18:00 Introduction + media page & edit page basics
~ self-study content Watch 3-4 videos on the edit page to learn ~
1/31 (Mon.) 16: 00~18:00 Color page basics
~ self-study content Watch 1-2 videos on the color page to learn~
2/14 (Mon) 16:00~18:00 Fusion+Fairlight basics
~ self-study content Videos on the Fusion+Fairlight page Learn by watching 1-2


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