I hear sound, but I don't see the audio waveform


No audio waveform is displayed.
Please tell me how to display it. Even if you play the source clip or play the clip on the timeline, there will be sound and the indicator will be displayed.
Waveforms are not displayed on various pages such as Cut, Edit, Fairlight, etc.

An example of playing a source clip with audio on the cut page. There is no waveform that should be displayed under preview. The same clip is placed on the timeline, but the waveform is not displayed on the timeline
There is no waveform that should be displayed on the timeline in the edit page

I can't see the waveform on the Fairlight page, but the indicator is working fine.


The cause is that the audio waveform information is not properly cached.
DaVinci Resolve stores audio waveforms as cache information and displays them.
In many cases where this problem occurs, it seems that the cache is not generated properly or there is a problem with the access rights to the cache folder.

Caches not generated properly

If the audio waveform cannot be generated as cache information or the cache is damaged, the waveform will not be displayed.

Quit DaVinci Resolve, delete the cache, and open the project again in DaVinci Resolve. The cache will be regenerated and the problem will go away.

The cache location is in the "Cache file location" folder in the "Working folder" of "Master settings" in [File]-[Project settings]. Delete the data in the "Cache file location" folder. In addition, the data in this folder is cache data, so there is no problem even if you delete it. DaVinci Resolve will automatically regenerate the cache file if it does not exist.

Also, of course, it will not be generated if there is no free space in the cache storage destination. Also check the free space, and if it is insufficient, secure the free space.

Problem with access rights to cache folder

Check the following project settings, change to a folder that you have access to, and check again.
Open [File]-[Project settings] and change the "Cache file location" in "Work folder" of "Master settings". Specify a location that you are sure you will have access to. For the time being, it is recommended to create a folder on the desktop once and specify it.

(This issue seems to be a common question from Mac OS users, but it also occurs on Windows if there is an error in the settings.)

3/30/2023 Added "Caches not generated properly"


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