How to recognize serial images as time-lapse movies or as individual still images


Even if you drag consecutive images to the media pool, they will be recognized as a time-lapse movie.
In addition, media storage will recognize each image as an individual still image. Please tell me the procedure for recognizing as a time-lapse and for recognizing individual still images.


The specification has been changed in 17.4, making it easier to import as a timelapse.
However, it is necessary to be careful because it is now possible to capture as a time lapse even in the method that could be captured individually before. In 17.3.2 and earlier, if you import using the procedure that was imported as individual still images, it will be recognized as one time-lapse movie if the serial numbers and the same resolution are used. Even if the photos were taken at completely different timings, they behave the same depending on the serial number and resolution.

When importing from media storage on the media page

It is recognized according to the option in "Frame Display Mode" from "..." in the upper right of the media storage.

  • Auto:
    Depending on the automatic recognition file format, it will be imported as Sequence or Individual. Still image sequence number files of .jpeg are recognized as Individual, and still image sequence number files such as .dng, .exr, and .dpx are recognized as Sequence.
  • Individual: Handled as individual still images
    In the case of serial numbers from IMGP4074.JPG to IMGP4083.JPG, it is possible to import as individual files from IMGP4074.JPG to IMGP4083.JPG.
  • Sequence : Handled as a time-lapse movie that combines the serial numbers into one
    In the case of serial numbers from IMGP4074.JPG to IMGP4083.JPG, it is possible to import as one time-lapse clip called IMGP[4074-4083].JPG. If the serial number and resolution match, it will be recognized as a time-lapse video.

When dragging from Explorer or Finder to the media pool on the Cut/Edit/Fusion/Color/Fairlight page

If you select a folder containing files with serial numbers or drag multiple files with serial numbers at the same time, the behavior differs depending on the page.

  • Cut Pages: Always imported as separate files
  • Edit/Fusion/Color/Fairlight page: The behavior matches the option in "Frame Display Mode" from the "..." in the upper right corner of Media Storage on the Media page.

The reason why only the cut page is always imported as an individual clip regardless of the Frame Display Mode setting is that it matches the expected user. Blackmagic Design assumes that many of the still image serial number files used in the CUT page are serial number files for smartphones, etc., and importing them as a Sequence may cause confusion, so we recommend that you select the best option for the intended user. As a result of the optimization, it behaves differently on the cut page.

(Reference: Behavior before 17.3.2)

1. It must be captured in the media pool on the media page.
Cut pages, etc. will be imported as individual image files.
It is also possible to import files collectively by folder.

2. Please turn off "Show individual frames" from "..." in the upper right of media storage before importing

If this is enabled, it will only be imported as individual files on the media page as well. 

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