How to upload directly to Twitter


There is a Twitter menu on the deliver page, but please tell me how to set the account information.


We will assume that you have already created a Twitter account.
The flow is the same as other apps, applying for cooperation on the DaVinci Resolve side and approval from Twitter.

account settings

Open [DaVinci Resolve]-[Preferences]

Select <Sign in> in the "Twitter" item in "Internet Accounts" in "System"
Enter your Twitter account name, email, or phone number

enter password

Select <Authenticate linked app>

The registered account information is displayed. (It is outlined in the image.) Select <Save>.
Check your Twitter notifications and click on the message.
check the content<OK>

Preparations are now complete.

Upload method

When uploading, select "Twitter" on the deliver page

Check "Upload directly to Twitter"

The contents of "Description" will be the text of Twitter.

After completing the settings, select <Add to Render Queue> and finally execute the render.

It will be uploaded like this.

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