Part of the character string is cut off when the character size is increased in the title


If you place the text in the effect library title text or text + (TEXT +) and increase the font size, part of the character string will be cut off. Is there any way to deal with this?


It seems that it is caused by changing the font size used in the title while the title is in a reduced state by "deformation".

The zoom value in "Transformation" of "Settings" in the inspector is a ratio to the resolution of the timeline, and if it is 1 or less, the display area of ​​the title will be below the resolution of the timeline, so the characters will appear to be missing. increase.
For this reason, if you narrow the display area where the title is placed by transforming in the settings, the display may be cut off as you pointed out.
Also, here we describe the case where the character size is changed, but the range of "Position" in the "Settings" of the inspector changes in the same way, and problems such as how to cut it off will occur.

If you want to change the font size, change it with the font size in "Title".

The zoom is 1.0 and the font size is 400.

If you set the zoom to 0.5, the area will be 50% vertically and horizontally with respect to the resolution.

In this state, I set the font size to 800, but it is not as it was at the beginning and it is cut off.
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