I want to efficiently change the text color of subtitles for each speaker.


I use subtitles for titles in the effects library. How can I change the text color for each speaker?


The Subtitle Inspector is set for each track, but you can also change it for each subtitle clip by using "Use Style Tab Settings".

You can change it for each subtitle by turning off "Use Style tab settings" in the subtitle inspector. If it's something simple, you can do it with this. However, in this case, multiple subtitles cannot be changed at once, which is a hassle.

If it is a subtitle track created by [Effect Library]-[Title]-[Subtitle], you can change the character color etc. of multiple texts on the subtitle track all at once from the inspector. Only one eye icon can be enabled.

For this reason, if you want to use multiple subtitles, I think it would be better to create a timeline with sub subtitles and place that timeline on the main timeline with subtitles. Although it is a little time-consuming, you can edit subtitles efficiently by changing the subtitle style for each timeline.

Create a timeline

main subtitles

subtitles for the sub

Open the main timeline and drag the sub-subtitle timeline from the media pool onto the video track to combine them.

Eliminate the black background displayed due to the influence of the sub timeline

If you just put the sub timeline on the main timeline, the display on the main timeline will be black at the timing when subtitles are set on the sub subtitle timeline.

For this reason, the background color of subtitles is processed to be transparent.
There are several ways to do this, but I will introduce two patterns, one for when the sub-subtitle color is white, and another for other cases.

If subtitles are white

The process for superimposing the timelines is the optical synthesis process.
There is no problem with this method for white subtitles because it is an optical addition process, but for other colors, the colors set in the sub-timeline will be slightly different. Click the sub-subtitle timeline placed on the main timeline, and select "Addition" in "Composition mode" of "Composition" in "Video" in the inspector.

Subtitles other than white

Performs chromakey processing.

It is possible from the color page, but from version 17 it is also possible on the edit page, which is easier, so I will explain it here.

Move the playhead on the main timeline to where it appears black due to the sub subtitles

" and drag it to the sub timeline placed on the main timeline. , the trouble of unchecking "Show path" increases.

Select "Open FX Overlay" at the bottom left of the preview screen

Open the Inspector's 'Effects' 'Open FX' tab

Click the black area displayed in the view to select the color to remove.
There is generally no problem with this alone, but it is completed by adjusting the noise around the letters with "Black Clean" and "Inner/Outer Ratio" of "Matte Fitness".
Depending on the video and settings, the overall color will change, so please adjust while turning the subtitles on and off on the track. I don't think there is a problem with this, but due to chromakey processing, I think that the edges of the characters may appear thinner on high-definition, large screens. In that case, it may be better to add the same background as the final one to the text part at the sub-subtitle stage.

Adjust subtitle position and display timing on sub and main timelines

You cannot change the display position or timing of sub subtitles on the main timeline. Editing sub-subtitles requires opening the sub-timeline. To work efficiently, the following method makes it easier to display timelines simultaneously.

Select secondary timeline

You can edit them side by side like this.

Deliver (export) settings

For the deliverer, select "Custom" in the render settings, check "Export subtitles", select the export method "Burn to video", and <Add to render queue>.

However, it is unsatisfactory that multiple nested timelines with nested subtitles for the types of subtitles to be handled (for the number of people if classified by speaker) are necessary.

For movie subtitles, you may be satisfied with the existing functions, but I'm looking forward to future improvements!

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