Fixed in DaVinci Resolve 17.4.1! Fatal bug of TEXT+ confirmed in 17.4 Windows environment


What are the known TEXT+ issues in DaVinci Resolve 17.4?

Confirmed the fix in 17.4.1.


Official support has confirmed that this issue occurs only in the Windows environment. The event has not been confirmed on Mac OS, and there are no reports. The target OS information was missing. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. We will do our best to provide more accurate information. (2021/10/29 postscript)

(2021/10/29 Update 17.4.1 confirmed the fix. The information has been reflected.)
(2021/10/25 Official support responded and the information has been reflected.)

This matter was answered by official support on 2021/10/25.
Blackmagic Design's head office has also confirmed the reproduction and shared it as an improvement item in the future. "We apologize, but if you urgently need a workaround, we recommend that you downgrade to DaVinci Resolve Studio 17.3.2." In addition, Blackmagic Design has commented on downgrading to 17.3.2, "Please be assured that only the app will be replaced by this work, and the project and settings will basically remain the same."
17.3.2 is available from the link in the "Latest Download Information" list on the official support site.

Fixed in 17.4.1. Please update there.

It has been confirmed in TEXT+ and Fusion titles, and I consider it fatal. We do not recommend using 17.4 until a version that fixes the problem is provided. Please update to 17.4.1.

Also, since we do not know how this issue will be fixed in the future, even those who have upgraded to 17.4 will not try to fix it somehow with 17.4, but will return to 17.3.2 and wait for the fix. It is strongly recommended that you

This site was created to support DaVinci Resolve, but I cannot defend this bug.

"(double-byte space)", "ichi", "most", "word", "rare", "gi", "ki", etc. cannot be used.

If you enter characters ending with 00 in UTF-16 code such as "(double-byte space)", "ichi", "most", "word", "rare", "gi", "ki" in the inspector such as TEXT+ or Fusion title, the timeline It's not reflected in the view. Also, characters after these characters are not reflected. I have already contacted the official support.

I don't know if it is processed in UTF-16 programmatically, but all characters that have been confirmed to have problems follow this rule.
In addition, there is no problem with TEXT (Basic Title), which is not related to Fusion. Here are some of the applicable characters:

UTF-16 codeletter
3000 (double-byte space)
2500   ─ (horizontal bar)
4E00   One (Chinese character one)
7A00   rare
7D00  era
5100   Ceremony
8A00   words
6700   highest
8500   stool
9700   demand
9000   withdraw
5200   sword
8B00   conspiracy
5800   moat
8000   brilliance
6900   Bowl

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