How to fix display size and layout when moving windows between monitors with different display scales


When moving the DaVinci Resolve window between displays with different display scales, is there a way to adjust the display of DaVinci Resolve so that it matches the display scale of the display that displays the window?
It may be a problem specific to the Windows environment, but there is a problem.
Even after moving between displays, the display scale that was displayed on the display before moving is still displayed.
There are problems such as layout collapse and extremely small characters. Next, I will give an example of a desktop PC environment, but it is assumed that this also occurs in an environment where a general 23-inch FullHD external display is connected to a notebook PC equipped with a high-resolution, high-dpi display such as 4K. .

-Usage environment
Two displays of 27 inch 4K (3840 x 2160) and 23 inch FullHD (1920 x 1080) are arranged side by side and used in the Windows environment.
Select "150% (recommended)" for "Change the size of text, apps, and other items" in "Scaling and layout" in the OS display settings for 4K displays to improve visibility. .
In addition, FullHD uses "100% (recommended)". The check of "Make this the main display" of the multi-display has a check on the 4K display side. —
I have identified the following issues:

Example 1

1. Start DaVinci Resolve
Start DaVinci Resolve on the 4K side
2. Move the DaVinci Resolve window to the FullHD side
The display scale used for 4K is displayed, and the layout is broken.

Example: 2

DaVinci Resolve can be started on the monitor that recently finished DaVinci Resolve, but it will always be displayed with the display scale of the window set in "Make this the main display".


Although not introduced as a new feature, it has been improved since version 17.4.
Not perfect behavior, but good enough for now.

When [Workspace]-[Full Screen Window] is selected, the window is redrawn according to the display scale of the display on which the window is located, and the size and layout of the display are corrected.
In the above example: 1, finally, select "3. [Workspace]-[Full screen window]" to restore the proper display. Even if you select [Workspace]-[Full Screen Window] again to cancel the full screen, the proper display will be maintained.
However, immediately after selection, dialogs such as "Project Settings" remain at the display scale before the move.

To avoid the dialog problem, move the DaVinci Resolve window to the window you want to display, quit DaVinci Resolve, and start DaVinci Resolve again.

If the following two points are realized, it may be officially announced as a new function, but the situation has improved considerably with the function of 17.4, and I think it is a hidden new function.

  • The display of the dialog is also fixed without restarting DaVinci Resolve
  • Even if you don't use [Workspace]-[Full Screen Window], just move the window like other apps.
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