With the Power Bin open, if you drag and drop a clip from Explorer or Finder directly onto the timeline, it will automatically be registered in the Power Bin.


Dragging a clip from Explorer or Finder may register it in Power Bin. Do you know why?


Did you select "Power Bin" when placing the image clip on the timeline?
This will copy the image to the powerbin.
If you place a clip without selecting the power bin, it will not be copied into the power bin.

As a specification when importing a clip, the bin of the media pool currently selected becomes the place to put the clip.
With this specification, if you leave the power bin open and throw material into the timeline, it will enter the power bin. However, if there is no timeline, the clip dragged to the master (not the power bin) and the new timeline are registered at the same time.

Power bins are used for cross-project clips and material usage.

At the stage of material arrangement for creating a project and arranging it on the timeline, instead of selecting the power bin and arranging the clips, create a folder (bin) directly under the "master", put the clips in that folder, and start from there. There is no problem if it is placed on the line.

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