How to change project settings presets and initial values


How can I change the project settings presets and initial values?


Set in the presets in the project settings. However, the project setting UI is a little unique, so I think the setting method is a little confusing.

Set other items such as "Master Settings" and "Imaging Scaling" for the name selected in "Preset". (If the selected preset is displayed at the top even when other items are selected, it is easy to understand which preset is being changed...)

There are three by default:

  • Current Project: Settings for the currently open project.
  • System Configuration : System standard settings. Cannot be changed. It is used when returning to the initial value.
  • guest default settings: Settings used when opening a new project. It can be changed.

In addition, you can add presets to the list by adding presets using the method described later.

How to add a preset

After making settings in the master settings, etc., save with <Save As> from "Presets".

Changing presets/changing preset settings used when creating a project

After making settings such as master settings, select a name to save in "Preset" and select <Save>.

By making this setting for "guest default setting", it will be the default setting for projects created from the next time onwards.

How to use saved presets / Use system default values

Select the name of the preset to be used in "Preset" and select <Load>.

To use the system defaults, select "System Configuration" in "Presets" and select <Load>.

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