How to output audio files and some notes


Do you have any tips on how to output audio files?


output method

Select "Audio Only" in the render settings and output with <Add to Render Queue>.

The following formats are selectable.

important point

Audio files output from DaVinci Resolve are truncated at the final frame to match the delivered frame rate.
In order to output only the audio without truncation of the end of the audio, it is possible to avoid it by arranging the video that satisfies the audio length on the timeline before delivering. However, since it is a small range such as the unit of frame rate, I think that there is no actual harm.

Let's see a concrete example.
1: Original data
2: Delivered only audio
3: Clip for adjustment
4: Delivered only audio after adjustment
Yellow area near the playhead: 1 frame time

Putting only 1 on the timeline and delivering it as it is is 2.
You can see that the last frame has been removed to fit the size of the frame. 4 is the result of arranging 1 and an appropriate video 3 that satisfies the length of 1 on the timeline and delivering only the audio. You can see that it fits the frame.

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