"ATEM Mini Delivery Seminar - Cutting Edge Online Work Promoted by General Companies -" Free Online Seminar

A free online seminar will be held for companies and individuals who want to further improve and improve the video quality in online conferences and online business negotiations.

In this seminar, Nikko Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Otsuka Shokai Co., Ltd., took the podium as representatives of companies that used ATEM Mini to conduct many online business negotiations and online events and achieved results. It will introduce how to use it, such as video creation and distribution of seminars for customers from special booths, studios, and private rooms in the company.

I'm curious.

some people may be wearing the DaVinci Resolve 17 – Color Basic Training held at the same time

For ATEM, "I will send the archive of the training to everyone who has applied, but it will be open to the public at a later date."

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