How to rename a clip or timeline


How do I rename clips and timelines?


Do it on the media pool.
Note that if there is already a clip on the timeline, the renamed clip will be replaced with the new name.

By default, the file name is set to the clip name, so changing it to an easy-to-understand name will make editing easier.

When changing in thumbnail view or list view

In thumbnail view or list view, click the clip name in "Clip" or "Timeline" to change it.
However, there is a bug in the Windows environment, and you may not be able to enter double-byte characters such as Hiragana and Kanji using this method. For the time being, you can avoid the problem with single-byte characters, or select the clip and enter double-byte characters from "File" in the "Inspector"

When changing in the metadata view

In the metadata view the timeline can be modified in the same way as in the thumbnail view.
Clips can be changed from "File" in the "Inspector" by selecting the clip to be changed.

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