What kind of OS environment are you using?


DaVinci Resolve is compatible with mac, Windows, and Linux, but which OS are you using?


According to the questionnaire at the free seminar held in August 2021,

Of the 506 responses, Windows 63.2% and Mac 36.8% chose to use it during seminars.
It seems that Linux was 0.
It seems that it was an unexpected result because it is usually close to half and half or a little more Mac.

From what I've heard from various places, it seems that more people who have been using macs for a long time use macs.
Most of the people who give professional answers to questions are mac users.

However, I have seen an article saying that the number of Windows users in the video and music environment is increasing, not just DaVinci Resolve. Especially before the sale of the M1 mac, I often heard stories about switching from mac.

However, the performance of the M1 mac is very good, and it seems that there are some users who go back to the mac again. Especially since the M1 mac has been optimized by 17.3, the situation may change again.

Please refer to the following site for recommended environment.

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