Check items and settings when there is no sound on DaVinci Resolve


I'm playing a video with audio on DaVinci Resolve, but there's no sound. How can I get sound? Since the indicator reacts during playback, the audio itself is recognized and not set to mute.


There are several possible causes.

  • DaVinci Resolve audio settings
  • OS sound device settings (Windows environment)
    • Setting the sample rate and bit depth
    • Stereophonic settings

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DaVinci Resolve audio settings

This article describes cases where there are problems in an environment that is used in a general OS environment. (When using the ASIO driver, select "ASIO" from "Audio I/O" in "Video & Audio Input/Output" on the "System" tab.)

It seems that the sound may not be output when DaVinci Resolve, OS version upgrade, or system audio settings are changed.
In that case, please check the audio settings.

Open [DaVinci Resolve]-[Preferences] and set in "Audio I/O" in "Video & Audio Input/Output" on the "System" tab.

Select the output device in "Output device" and restart DaVinci Resolve to check.

If this does not solve the problem, uncheck "Automatic speaker configuration" and change the "Output" item corresponding to "Layout" in "Monitor Speaker Configuration" from "Unassigned" to the device you want to use. , restart DaVinci Resolve and check.

OS sound device settings (Windows environment)

Setting the sample rate and bit depth

This may have been improved in Windows 11. In Windows 10, even in an environment where it could not be played unless it was "32bit, 48000Hz" or "32bit, 41000Hz", after updating Windows 11, "32bit, 192000Hz" sound is being played.

Select "Sound" from "System" in Settings
For Windows 10: Select "Sound Control Panel" from "Related Settings"
For Windows 11: Select "Advanced Sound Settings" from "Advanced Settings"

Select the device to use and open <Properties>

Select "24bit, 48000Hz"/"24bit, 44100Hz"/"32bit, 48000Hz"/"32bit, 44100Hz" in "Default Format" on the "Advanced" tab

Stereophonic settings

Sound may not be output depending on the stereophonic settings of the OS. Turn off this feature.

Select the device to use and open <Properties>

On the "Stereophonic" tab, select "Off" for "Stereophonic method"


Please check the following article if the indicator is not responding.


Since the information is a little old version, there are some missing dialog items, but there is also an article from Blackmagic Design. For your reference.

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