Do you have an automatic backup function? How to set?


Do you have an automatic backup function? If there is a function, please tell me how to set it.


[DaVinci Resolve] - [Preferences] -> [User] tab -> [Save & load project] -> [Save settings] -> [Live save] and [Project backup] can be set.
Both should be enabled by default, but it's a good idea to double-check just in case.

A brief summary is as follows.

live save Project backup
overview [File]-[Save Project] (Ctrl+S) is executed every time the command is executed Automatically save projects under different names at any time
Poor performance when savingnoneOccurs at short notice
Generation of backup to be created1 generation
(common with normal storage)
Depending on the setting
(9th generation as standard)

live save

This is a function that automatically saves the project each time a command is executed.

It is an image that [File]-[Save project] (Ctrl + S) is executed every time the command is executed. Since it overwrites the existing project file, there is no performance degradation when saving.

In DaVinci Resolve, if "Live save" is enabled, even if you quit without saving, you can continue working from where you left off the next time you start up. This prevents the following dialog from appearing. (Appears to specify the project name only when closing an untitled project.)

Project backup

This is a function that allows you to go back to the work you did a certain amount of time ago by automatically saving it under a different name at

[File]-[Save project] (Ctrl+S) is executed at the timing set in "Backup frequency", the number of times set in "Hourly backup" and "Daily backup", and "Project backup save Save to the location set in "Destination".
Old backed up project files are automatically deleted. You will have to wait a very short time to create a new project file.

By default it is set as follows:

Settings (default) Backup created
Backup frequency every 10 minutes 10 minutes before, 20 minutes before, 30 minutes before, 40 minutes before, 50 minutes before
Hourly backup Save up to 2 hours ago 1 hour ago, 2 hours ago
Daily backup Save up to 2 days ago 1 day ago, 2 days ago

The following article describes how to restore from a project backup.

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