Want to learn more about Color, Fusion, and Fairlight!


Any more info on Color, Fusion, Fairlight? As for cutting and editing, I have experience using other software and understand it, but these are difficult.


There are many Japanese video teaching materials. It may be difficult to find, so I'll introduce it here.

The videos in the playlist are specialized for each page, but there are many hours of color, fusion, and fairlight, and if you put them all together, I think it will be even longer than this 10-hour seminar. If you are interested, please check it out. Especially for those who want to systematically learn about Fusion and color, and those who want to sit down and learn, I think that it is better to watch in order such as "First Fusion" and "Color Grading Course".

There are also 17 introductory courses. It is summarized here.

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