How to use video and timeline information for each source recorded with the ISO model of ATEM Mini in video software other than DaVinci Resolve


Is there a way to use DaVinci Resolve project files saved with the ATEM Mini series ISO model in other video software?


This is possible by converting the timeline information on DaVinci Resolve into a format that can be handled by the receiving side, such as xml format.
It can be handled by many products such as Premier Pro and Final CUT. You can with the free DaVinci Resolve.
If you are not using DaVinci Resolve for your regular editing work, why not take this opportunity to consider migrating to DaVinci Resolve?

Open the project file recorded in the ISO model with DaVinci Resolve, and export the timeline in a file format supported by the software on the receiving side, such as xml format, with [File]-[Export]-[Timeline].

Open the exported timeline file on the receiving side and edit it.

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