Why DaVinci Resolve may not start again even if you double-click the start icon and how to deal with it (Windows environment)


Even if you quit DaVinci Resolve and try to launch it again, it may not start. Please tell me the reason and how to deal with it.

This may occur when DaVinci Resolve freezes and becomes unresponsive due to insufficient PC specs.


(This case may give a bad impression of DaVinci Resolve, but I thought it would be useful information for those who are in trouble, and I think it is difficult to handle such information officially, so I dared to mention it.)

Since the information in the Mac environment is lacking, the answer is described under the Windows environment.
If anyone has information on the Mac environment, we are waiting for the information.

This is due to the fact that DaVinci Resolve cannot be started twice, and that DaVinci Resolve's termination process is being executed in the background.

Due to this, even if the system is booting normally, there will be a short period of time during which it will not be possible to reboot.

The basic response is to "wait for a while".

This situation is not unique to DaVinci Resolve.
Even with other applications, it may take several times longer than usual to execute the termination process when the application is frozen, or the termination process itself may freeze and prevent further progress.

There is no particular time standard for "wait for a while", but if it does not restart after 2 to 3 minutes, it is normal to think that it is frozen.

For the time being, from the task manager, DaVinci Resolve process "DaVinci Resolve – (project name)" "DaVinci Resolve Studio – (project name)" "DaVinci Resolve" "DaVinci Resolve Studio" CPU usage status can be checked to some extent is also possible. If there is no response to mouse operation and it is 0%, processing is not being performed = it is frozen.

As a countermeasure when the termination process itself is frozen, usually restart the OS.

However, although it is self-responsibility, if you cannot see the window and cannot restart, it is possible to solve the problem by forcibly terminating the process that is causing the problem.

Check "Background Processes" in the "Processes" tab of Task Manager and check the processes of "DaVinci Resolve – (project name)" "DaVinci Resolve Studio – (project name)" "DaVinci Resolve" "DaVinci Resolve Studio" please.
If the CPU is even 0.1% here, waiting may solve the problem. If it does not change from 0%, it is still frozen. If so, try right-clicking on the 'DaVinci Resolve – (project name)' 'DaVinci Resolve Studio – (project name)' 'DaVinci Resolve' 'DaVinci Resolve Studio' processes and 'End Task'.

If this still doesn't start, look for "Project Manager", if you find it, right-click on the process and try "End Task".

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